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How To Create A Custom Swiss Army Knife

An Icon In And Of Itself, You Can Still Customize Your Swiss Army Knife To Make It Your Own.

There are few, if any, knives as instantly recognizable as the famous Swiss Army knife. The multi-tool is beloved around the world for its versatility and quality construction. 

While the famous red color is a global icon, there are far more ways to make the knife look how you want it. Some of these customizations are offered by Victorinox itself while others are more DIY. 

Either way, there is no shortage of ways to create a unique custom Swiss Army knife wholly your own.

Factory Customizations

Victorinox calls them “personalizations” and there are many ways you can find a Swiss Army knife that fits your needs and make it your own.

Different Sizes

The Swiss Army knife comes in a variety of sizes. Small knives weigh less than an ounce while the largest models can come with their own carrying/display case. Different sizes mean different types of blades and tools so you can pick the knife perfect for you.


Another excellent option from Victorinox is the ability to change the scales on many of their knives. Yes, every option defaults to the famous red but you can choose from many other colors and designs. You can choose camouflage, flags, and even transparent scales among a whole variety of solid and textured colors.

You also have the option of custom engravings on the scales to personalize them for yourself or a friend.

Specific Tool

While no two Swiss Army knife models are exactly alike in terms their tools, it’s possible to go a step further and order custom implements. For instance, Victorinox filled an industrial-sized order in Europe for a batch of knives featuring a toilet-paper holder key.

True enough, this isn’t something you’d need on a single knife for yourself. But, having the option for custom bulk purchases set the knife apart.

Knifemaker Customizations

There are makers today that make custom Swiss Army knives. Some stick to the aesthetic and make scales from exotic materials or designs. Others turn the knife on its head and make their own tools for the knife. Regardless, there are brilliant craftsmen creating one-of-a-kind Swiss Army knives around the world.

Chris Custom Works

Black Cerakote Grooved Soldier. Price $202.37

Based in Germany, Chris Custom Works specializes in detailed custom Swiss Army knives to order. From a handmade set of scales from wood or other materials to a fully modified suite of tools, the sky is the limit. As you can see above, the company’s Black Cerakote Grooved Soldier, not only are the scales one of a kind but the tools are finished with black Cerakote to match the micarta handle.

Andrzej Woronowski

Woro Knight: $221.95

Woronowski is based in Gdansk, Poland and makes beautiful custom scales for Swiss Army knives. His designs aren’t as loud and eye-popping as some other makers, but his craftsmanship is remarkable. With the help of his brother Kamil, Woronowski works with metals such as titanium, brass, and copper to create custom SAK models that are elegant and stand out. 

Sean Dooley

74mm Spydernox Clipitool Saw Executive.

Through his Sak Custom 58mm brand, Dooley has thumbed his nose at the traditional Victorinox designs and created magical works in their place. For starters, he removes the famous spear point blade from many of his builds and replaces it one-to-one with a blade from Spyderco.

This “Spydernox” hybrid, and Dooley’s creativity, are on full display with the knife above. The Spyderco blade and neon yellow G10 liners, the whole construction could convincingly seem like a completely different model, not a custom Swiss Army knife. It’s truly remarkable what Dooley has been creating from his shop in Connecticut.

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