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Midweek Maker Military-Style: Tracy LaRock

Tracy LaRock is known for his TimberJack and TimberJack Jr. traditional slipjoints.
In BLADE®’s continuing series entitled Midweek Maker, we are in our third installment of Midweek Maker Military Style: Tracy LaRock of LaRock Knives.

Tracy LaRock grew up on a dairy farm and spent every spare moment hunting, trapping and fishing. He served as a mortarman in U.S. Marine Corps from 1990 to 1995, but he didn’t stay out for long. In 1997 he signed on with the Texas Army National Guard, in artillery and recruiting, and still serves today. “So knives have been a part of my daily life since the beginning,” he commented.

“In 2008 Atmar Lester was showing a knife he made to some folks at church. I asked him some questions and he pointed me in the direction I needed to go,” Tracy related. “To start off it was basic tools and head-scratching, then I discovered the forums and tutorials.” Thomas Rucker and Percy Richardson let Tracy visit their shops. In 2014 he started making slip joints. After completing a few he reached out for help and received helpful insights from knifemakers Luke Swenson, Jared Oser and Enrique Pena among others.

“I hope to become a full-time maker in a couple years when I hang this uniform up for the last time,” he noted. Tracy lives in Lufkin, Texas with his wife, Mia, and their three sons.

As Tracy LaRock retires from the military, he will be able to focus more time on making his TimberJack slip joints. His wife Mia LaRock does a terrific job running the Facebook Group at LaRock Knifes.

The above TimberJack has a 3-inch blade of W2 with hamon. The handle is fashioned from canvas Micarta scales. Overall length is 7.25 inches. Maker’s list price: $425.

This Tracy LaRock creation is also a TimberJack with a 3-inch blade of W2 steel with hamon. The handle is American flag Carv-X. Overall length is 7 3/4 inches. The screw construction is done with titanium screws from TiConnector. Maker’s list price: $750.

Contact Tracy or Mia LaRock at 936-238-9077,, on Facebook at LaRock Knives or on Instagram @tracylarock.

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