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New KNIVES Book Shows Off Sculpted Bods

Steigerwalt_140426AIt’s not too early to pre-order the KNIVES 2016 book, which hits bookstores, newsstands and online in late August/early September. And staying true to form, KNIVES 2016 showcases nearly 800 of the newest, finest handmade, custom knives in the world in “Trends” and “State Of The Art” categories, as well as in-depth, truly fascinating feature articles on a variety of knife subjects, a “Factory Trends” section and, of course, the coveted Custom Knifemakers Directory.

The Custom Knifemakers Directory lists the names of 2,000-plus handmade knifemakers, their complete contact information, including addresses, phone numbers , emails and websites, their specialties, patterns, technical information, remarks, tang stamps and price ranges.

Within the “State Of The Art” section is a chapter titled “Sculpted Bods” that really speaks for itself, and here are a few of the incredible knives that parade their sculpted bods before an appreciative audience.

Don’t forget to pre-order your KNIVES 2016 book today! And enjoy all the annual book has to offer.

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