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Are More People Forging Today?

10_260I was watching American Pickers on the History Channel last night, and the stars were looking at an anvil, and Mike said something to the effect of, “More and more people today are going back to the basics and learning to forge, and learning the art of glass blowing and things like that …”

And it got me thinking about how my wife, Tricia, and I do this art tour every year where they give you a map and you go to artisans’ houses for kind of an “open house” art tour. And there’s usually a glass blower every year.

And then there’s that other History Channel show, Forged In Fire, and it seems like new knifemakers keep coming out of the woodwork …

What do you think, are more people forging today than in recent past?

Shown in the image are Finnish brother knifemakers Jakob (forging) and Simon Nylund.

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