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Video: Homemade Hydraulic Press for Knifemaking

In this video from the American Bladesmith Society (ABS), journeyman smith Karl B. Andersen reviews his homemade hydraulic press. Andersen uses the innovative device to make damascus steel for his blades.

Andersen said he receives questions about what went into his homemade hydraulic press. It’s no wonder. This is one cool piece of knifemaking machinery. While Andersen has made his own modifications, the core design is from the mind of Michael Kanter from Wisconsin. From the video:

“It just doesn’t look like the other presses going…It’s very unique in its structure. Everything is contained within a picture frame. The tubular frame is made up of real high tensile steel.”

Despite being built like tank, Andersen points out that the pressure is all contained inside the homemade hydraulic press. Note the part where the arrow on a postage scale underneath the press doesn’t budge while the machine is running.

What about you? Ever consider building your own homemade hydraulic press? Leave a comment below.

Speaking of damascus, you don’t necessary need a homemade hydraulic press to make those eye-catching blades. Check out this download from BLADE on how to make damascus knives.

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