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Video: Salt Bath Heat Treating

This video from the American Bladesmith Society (ABS) explains how to perform salt bath heat treating. It’s part of the Phoenix knife project ABS members created. You can see video about the incredible ABS Phoenix knife here.

Here’s a bit of background from the ABS about the Phoenix knife:

The Phoenix Knife was originally created by several members of the ABS Board, then disaster struck and it was damaged in a house fire. On its second life, several ABS Board Members contributed in the efforts to bring it back to life including Master Smith Kevin Cashen shown in this video heat treating the blade and bringing the knife back to life. Stay tuned for the third video about “Rockwell Testing” the blade.

To follow the Phoenix knife through its stages, be sure to subscribe to the ABS YouTube channel. There are plenty of knife videos online, but the expert insights from ABS are a cut above.

Also recommended is BLADE’s Guide to Making Knives, 3rd Edition. It covers heat treating and many other steps in the knifemaking process.

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