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Custom reproduction of a Remington 1306 Bullet lockback

Cool Customs: Barret Chrisman Takes The Ol’ Bullet Hi-Tech

Barret Chrisman puts a modern spin on a vintage Remington design.
Peltonen Knives M07

Peltonen M07 Ranger Review: The Perfect Puukko?

Peltonen M07 Ranger Puukko makes the author’s all-time-best test list.
The Farmers Forge The Zebra

New Knives July 2024

Folder or fixed blade, EDC or kitchen and more, one of these knives will fit the bill.
Four stellar puukko knives

Puukko Perfection: Hot Scandi-Ground Options For Sportsmen

See how well four hot Scandi-ground puukkos cut and handle.
Steve Schwarzer gives the suguha a run for its money here on the blade of his katana.

What Makes A Good Hamon?

Know the visual tells of whether a hamon is done properly or not.
Sharpening a recurve knife

How To Sharpen Recurve Knives

We outline how to put an edge back on a recurve knife, both by manual and automated systems. Learn how to tackle these challenging blades.
From top: TOPS Longhorn, W. R. Case Laramy Miller Sasquatch Bowie and Bear Forest Custom Recurve.

Recurve Knives: Top Options In These Curvy Carvers

The sexy shape of three U.S.-made recurve blades addresses both performance and aesthetics. As blade patterns go, the recurve is right up there in the...

Knife Sharpeners: Top Options Available Now

Need to keep your edge? These top knife sharpeners are sure to keep your blades sharp and in good working order in no time at all.
Steve Dunn & Hanford Miller

ABS Lose Two Long-Time Leaders In Passing Of Steve Dunn & Hanford Miller

Dunn and Miller left lasting impressions on ABS, students and custom knifemaking.
Joe Flowers demonstrates a modification of a sharpening method with files for machetes.

Pros’ Secrets To Sharpening Knives

Four knife industry pros share the secrets of how they keep their edge when sharpening.
From right, the Condor Tool & Knife Cantina, Boker Plus Mohican and Cold Steel Professional Throwing Axe.

Throwing Axes: Sharp New Airborne Hackers

Consider three hot new throwers for an ancient sport gone international.
BV-Tac 8 from Bear Valley Tactical

Bear Valley BV-Tac 8 Multitool: Multi-Purpose Whacker

The BV-Tac 8 is a versatile performer and does so comfortably
Kevin Casey mother of pearl handle knives

Cool Customs: Kevin Casey’s Little Feather Knives

Kevin Casey feathers his cap with an outstanding array of custom throwback blades.
Egginton Presentation George Wostenholm I*XL barlow

New Knives: Host Of Current Factory And Custom Blades

Folder or fixed blade, EDC or kitchen and more, one of these will fill the bill. In the wake of BLADE Show 2024 there is...
Dellana Dot system

How To: Dellana Dots Opening System

Dellana tells how she created and makes the Dellana Dots opening assist system—without a lathe.

Must Read Articles

Read this before you make a knife

Knifemaking 101 – Read This Before You Make a Knife

  by Wayne Goddard My experience has taught me that there's nothing like digging in and getting started. I've often said the hardest part of the...
how to forge damascus steel

How to Forge Damascus


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