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Classy Tactical Folders Evolve!


There’s a chapter in the new KNIVES 2016 book called “Some Class Tacts,” and it’s chock-full of color images of the finest handmade, high-end, dressed-up tactical folders in the world. Knifemaker Ken Onion uses the term “Genticals” for such knives (Gent’s Tacticals), but in this case, Class Tacts seemed to sum them up. Whatever you want to call them, whether “Sunday Go To Meetin'” knives, dress tacticals, Genticals or Class Tacts, today’s versions of tactical folders using high-end materials are gorgeous.

And it’s amazing how many different configurations can be made, different versions of dress tacticals. No wonder they remain so popular. It’s no trend, it’s a movement, and Class Tacts are here to stay.

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See them all in the brand-new KNIVES 2016 book, and enjoy!

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