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KA-BAR Acquires Ek Commando Knife Co.

I’ve always been a fan of Ek Commando knives. They have a certain look that distinguishes them as their own entity, and now KA-BAR, a knife giant in and of itself, announces the acquisition of the Ek Commando Knife Brand.

Ek Commando Knife was created in 1941 by John Ek in Hamden, Connecticut. During World War II, Ek Commando Knives were restricted to military personnel. The knives featured serial numbers that were recorded and kept for tracking and identification. Luminaries ranging from Gen. George Patton, President Franklin Roosevelt and actor-turned-soldier Clark Gable owned Ek Knives during the Second World War.

Ek Commando Knives have served our military in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and countless other hotspots around the globe. Today, Ek continues to be a staple of the United States military.

Ek Commando Knives made by KA-BAR will be available for purchase in 2015. For more on military knives, click here.

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