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Kitchen Knives: New Target of Anti-Knifers

You haven’t experienced anti-knife reporting until you’ve been to Australia. Check out this sensational piece from the Geelong Advertiser:

KILLER knives are being sold around Geelong but police are powerless to stop their sale.

Police said, while the knives looked frightening, they were not illegal because they were classified as ornamental knives.

Geelong stabbing victim Paul Stuart, 37, was horrified the vicious-looking knives could be so readily purchased from local markets.

“It just makes it more of an issue and easier access for people who want to start trouble,” Mr Stuart said.

“To go to the market and say they are a toy is ridiculous. They are not a toy, they are still a weapon and can kill.

“It’s frustrating that (people) can go down and pick them up.”

The knives (pictured above), including some with sharp retractable blades, and martial arts-styled weapons were being sold at the Geelong Showground Sunday Market last week, from as little as $10.

Geelong police attended the market yesterday but the vendor selling the weapons was not present.

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