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From: American Handgunner By Pat Covert

You’d need a calculator to count the number of custom knife-makers who have jumped into the tactical fray over the past five years. You can tally the cream of the crop on two hands, being sure to earmark one of those digits for knifemaker Brian Tighe. In a matter of just a couple of years Tighe (pronounced “Tie”) has risen from the rank and file of edged weapons artisans to the rarefied air of the top 10 elite.

I hold an extensive background in the Tool and Die trade and have completed four College courses in metallurgy as well as having a solid foundation in design, construction and heat treating. Also I benefit greatly in having skills as a professional photographer. Many photos of my work have been published in BLADE magazine, Knives Illustrated, Tactical Knives and American Handgunner as well as David Darom’s first book “Art and Design in Modern Custom Knives”. I have spent the last eighteen years honing my skills as a quality knife maker having specialized in folding knives, however within this last few years I have decided to introduce and have developed the first Button Lock Flipper knives three models the “Tighe Coon”, “Tighe One On” and the “Twist Tighe” with more to come. I also make Tactical and Art Knives, with Liner Lock and Frame Lock construction. I enjoy working in varying styles as I find the change challenging and refreshing. All my knives carry a distinctive Brian Tighe trade mark look and support important design features found on each model utilizing space age materials and exotic blade steels. I prefer to employ a combination of High Tech materials with high tech styling. The art knives I produce have a combination of classic lines with a high tech twist and variety of scale materials are available. I enjoy working with Damascus steels made by various Blade Smith’s and Damasteel , these include mosaic and Stainless Damascus. Currently I am also working with Columbia River Knife and Tool, the My Tighe Assisted Opener in two sizes and Tighe Breaker Assisted Opener are being produced by CRKT with more models to come. I take great pride in the production of quality handmade knives and it is my sincere hope that you find my site both enjoyable and informative.

Many thanks, Brian Tighe