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The history of knives and other edged instruments is tied to the history of people in general. As humankind’s oldest tool, unraveling knife history can lead to even more surprising and enriching information to better understand the world.

Japanese War Swords Part I

By Leon Kapp Japanese swords are iconic as ever It was over seven long decades ago on Sept. 2, 1945, that the Japanese signed the agreement formalizing their surrender, for all intents and purposes officially marking...

Who Made the First Damascus?

Modern collectors and knifemakers are enthralled with with, but what exactly are the origins of damascus steel?

Marine Vet’s Knife Memorializes the Ultimate Sacrifice of His Iraq Comrades

1 Knife for the Lima Company 11 BY MIKE HASKEW BLADE® FIELD EDITOR *This article originally appeared in BLADE Magazine Winter 2013 The bond of brotherhood, sacrifice, and selflessness forged by fighting men in combat is, perhaps,...

Jerry Hossom makes a Navy-themed set for Capt. Ryan Heilman of the USS Nevada

Submariner Steel Jerry Hossom makes a Navy-themed set for Capt. Ryan Heilman of the USS Nevada Jerry Hossom had that twinkle in his eye again and this time it was by his table at BLADE Show...

Andy Sharpe/Chuck Richards collaboration salutes the heroes of the Battle of Attu

"A Knife For Those Who Saved Alaska" BY ANDY SHARPE Herb Drury was my wife’s uncle, a World War II veteran and a friend. He passed away in 2007. I miss him and the discussions we...

Last Little Mester of Sheffield: Remembering Stan Shaw

The author remembers Stan Shaw as only she can By Grace Horne Sometime in the early 1990s, a journalist—to the chagrin of the handful of other knifemakers also still working in Sheffield, England—described Stan Shaw as...
Are ballistic knives illegal

Ballistic Knife: The Most Illegal Knife in America

The most banned knife in the United States remains the ballistic knife. Here's a look at what ballistic knives are and how they became banned.

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Knifemaking 101 – Read This Before You Make a Knife

  by Wayne Goddard My experience has taught me that there's nothing like digging in and getting started. I've often said the hardest part of the...
how to forge damascus steel

How to Forge Damascus