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Ken Onion Sharpener

First Look: Work Sharp Ken Onion Knife & Tool Sharpener MK.2

The work-horse tool gets some upgrades. Work Sharp’s Ken Onion Knife & Tool Sharpener has been keeping knife enthusiasts' edges sharp for a decade. A...
Cold Steel Scottish Baskethilt Sword (top) and CAS Iberia Scottish Baskethilt Backsword

Scottish Swords: Cold Steel And CAS Iberia’s Tartan Edge

Swords with a Scottish pedigree get two impressive reproductions.
Real Avid RAV knives

Knife Drop: Real Avid RAV Series

The gun maintenance equipment company tackles knives.
CRKT BOT Deadbolt

Factory Drops: New Knives Hitting The Market This Spring

Five knives fit for EDC to the outdoors.
EDC Fighter from First Degree Forge

First Degree Forge EDC Fighter Review: It Looks The Part But Does It Cut?

The EDC fixed blade proves itself more than just a pretty face.
Alliance Designs EZE 2.0

New Knives: See What’s Hot On The New Factory Drops

Sate your cutting needs with the world’s latest factory knives and sharpeners. Have an itch that only a new knife will scratch? Look no further...
Boker Plus Vigtig vs. Wild and Condor Tool & Knife Lipotes

Boker And Condor’s Back To Basics Bushcraft Knives

We put the Boker Plus Vigtig vs. Wild and Condor Tool & Knife head to head to see which come out on top in...
Spartan-Nemec folder

Folding Knives: New Sleek, Lanky And Able Options

Sleek new factory folders fuel consumer demand. There’s a lanky breed of factory folder fueling consumer demand, and several notable entries in the genre are...
Gerber Vital Take-A-Part Shears, Outdoor Edge Game Shears, Kershaw Taskmaster Shears and Smith’s Edgesport Bait & Game Shears.

Game Shears: Affordable Options To Cut Bones And More Down To Size

Affordable game shears that offer cut, power, features, size and more... When you think of processing game, a skinner is typically the first knife that...
Bear Forest Knives PuuMuk shaving wood

Nessmuk Knife: Options In The All-American Outdoor Knife

History repeats itself in modern renditions of an all-American classic. Some patterns stand the test of time and become legendary for a reason, be it...
Shane Taylor Linerlock Folder

Pocketful Of Miracles: New Pocketknife Drops

Hip pocket feel empty? We got the cure for that...
Gerber Key Note

Keychain Knives: Unlocking The Secrets To The Convenience Blade

Handy keychain knives are pocket pards ready to sever and serve
Spyderco Drunken

Collaboration Knives That Cut To The Quick

Designers and companies join forces to help consumers win with these knife collaborations.
TOPS Knives Bird and Trout Knife, ESEE Knives CR2.5, White River Knife & Tool Exodus 3 and Case Mini Finn

Nothing Foul Or Fishy About These Bird And Trout Knives

Slight and slick, the Bird and Trout Knife holds a special place among outdoor blades. Here's a bevy that definitely make the cut.
Double Clutch IV Tanto

First Look: Bear OPS Unveils the Double Clutch IV

Bear OPS introduces the 4 ½” Double Clutch IV. An out-the-front automatic engineered to meet the demands of EDC carry.

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