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You’re looking for a new knife in a certain style – we’ve got recommendations on the best blades for every price point.

Custom Knife Corey Reynolds - Sawback Bowie

Cool Custom: Corey Ryenolds’ Copper-Mai Sawback Bowie

Inspired by Rambo's knife, Corey Reynolds' sawback bowie channels the genre in a copper-mai chevron pattern.

Best Hatchets And Axes For Survival And Camping

A reliable camping hatchet or axe can be the difference between mere survival and a truly memorable camping experience Do any sort of camping and you’re more than aware...
Karambit Tops

Best Karambits: Top Ferocious Southeast Asian Fighters (2023)

The karambit is a historic fighting and utility knife from Asia that has grown in popularity around the world in recent decades.
Knives and Knife Gear Lead

Knives And Knife Gear August 2023

Is your knife wish list itching to grow? Do you need the latest sharpener to keep your edge? Check out the new releases from August 2023.
Cold Steel Engage semi open

Cold Steel Engage Review: Full-Sized Folder With Fight

If you need a heavy-duty folder, the Cold Steel Engage can accommodate
Tanto Lead

Piercing Pro: Picking The Best Tanto Knife (2023)

The tanto blade is an ancient blade that has received a modern revival as a blade style for tactical pocketknives.
Vosteed Mayhem black

Vosteed Mayhem: The Compression Lock Rides Again

A top-end offering, the Vosteed Mayhem takes a run at proven, yet challenging locking mechanism. Prolific in its offerings, they must not sleep much over at Vosteed Knives. Yet,...

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