Lanskey knife sharpening rod

3 Top Knife Sharpening Rods for Recurve Blades

Knife sharpening rods make tuning up recurve blades a piece of cake. Here are three knife sharpening rods that stand out from the rest.
Knife pictures

Instagram Knife Pictures Disrupt Knifemaking, Knife Collecting

Knife pictures posted on Instagram are changing the way knifemakers and retails sell knives, and how knife collectors buy knives.
EDC knife review

EDC Knife Review: Kershaw Knockout

The Kershaw Knockout offers a big-bellied blade that still works well as an EDC knife.
EDC knife review

EDC Knife Review: Browning Black Label Decoded

BLADE magazine review: The Browning Black Label Decoded is somewhere between a tactical and an EDC knife. That versatility makes it a great carry knife.
EDC Knife Review

EDC Knife Review: Boker Plus Gemini NGA Coyote

The Boker Plus NGA Coyote packs extra heft as an EDC. It's up for any chore or everyday task.