Cold Steel Scottish Baskethilt Sword (top) and CAS Iberia Scottish Baskethilt Backsword

Scottish Swords: Cold Steel And CAS Iberia’s Tartan Edge

Swords with a Scottish pedigree get two impressive reproductions.
Josh Blout War club

Cool Customs: Blount’s War Club Dusts Off Mohican Memories

Josh Blount reproduces Chingachgook’s gunstock war club. ABS apprentice smith Josh Blount recently rewatched the 1992 version of The Last of the Mohicans, and the gunstock war club of the character of Chingachgook in the...
Real Avid RAV knives

Knife Drop: Real Avid RAV Series

The gun maintenance equipment company tackles knives.
CRKT BOT Deadbolt

Factory Drops: New Knives Hitting The Market This Spring

Five knives fit for EDC to the outdoors.
Adam Fromholtz Steampunk Assassin Injector

New Knives: Custom Options From All Categories And Continents

Hot haves by custom makers from around the globe.
Spartan Blades Spartan-Harsey Clandestina

Knives Making Their Debut At BLADE Show 2024

Companies from every corner of the globe will unveil their new knives at the BLADE Show
Blade Show

BLADE Show 2024 Preview: What To Expect In Atlanta

See what's on tap for the 43rd annual BLADE Show.

Dowell, Fogg, Harsey Join Cutlery Hall of Fame

Dowell, Harsey and Fogg join the ranks of other greats. Custom knifemakers T.M. “Ted” Dowell and William “Bill” Harsey Jr. and ABS master smith Don Fogg have been voted the 2024 inductees into the BLADE...

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