BLADE 101: Types Of Kitchen Knives

There are so many types of kitchen knives that it's hard to know which are necessary. This is a breakdown of what you need and what's nice to have.
Jerry Fisk (left) and Ricardo Vilar

Forged In Fame

Inspiration and guidance from Jerry Fisk has helped Forged In Fire champion Ricardo Vilar continue his rise to steel stardom.
VG-10 67-Layer Damascus Large Cleaver, 8-inch

5 Best Cleaver Options [2022]

The meat cleaver is the heavyweight of kitchen knives and can cut things as hard as bone. These are five of the best cleavers for sale today that will have you butchering like a pro in no time.
Viking knives

The Viking Seax And Where To Get One

Deeply rooted in Scandinavian history, the seax, aka "scramasax" or "sax," was the blade shape of choice for the much feared and revered Vikings.
The twin edges of the APOC Double Mukk grants the hatchet additional versatility, as one side is fl at ground for delicate carving tasks. The other side is convex ground to better slam through tough cutting jobs.

Best Hatchet Options For Outdoors And Competition

On the trail or in competition, today's hatchets are multi-purpose must-haves.
Kershaw Outlier

First Look: Kershaw Outlier

The newest tactical folder from Kershaw looks phenomenal and is a ton of fun to use.

7 Of The Best Kukri Knife Options

The Kukri is a historic knife with a long history of military and outdoor use. These are seven of the best Kukri knives out there today.
Kershaw Parley

First Look: Kershaw Parley

Kershaw's new Parley is a unique EDC knife that is fun to use and built to last. The cleaver blade makes it stand out from the crowd.

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