James Bowie knife

BREAKING NEWS: Bowie Knife From 1827 Sandbar Fight Found

The original knife used by James Bowie at the Sandbar Fight of 1827 has been located. The truth about the knife is shocking the world of knives.
Benefits of Scandi grind knife

Is The Scandi The Best Grind For Bushcraft Knives?

Here are the best arguments for and against bushcraft knives that use a Scandi grind. Read this before you buy a bushcraft knife.
Accidents while making knives

Reality Check: 8 Brutally Honest Tips For New Knifemakers

New knifemakers: You need to read these tips. It's time to get your head on straight so you don't fail before you even get started.

Trend Watch: The Coffee+EDC Knife Meme

Knife enthusiasts online are increasingly posting photos of their EDC knives next to a cup of coffee. Why? BLADE explores this new meme.
George Herron South Carolina knifemaker

Greatest Custom Knifemakers Of All-Time: George Herron

Without a doubt, BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame® member George Herron was one of the best custom knifemakers to ever pursue the art.

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