BLADE Show Texas M.A.C.K. winner from Keanison Knives

Machine Assisted Custom Knives (M.A.C.K.): What It Takes To Compete In This Class

M.A.C.K. is one of the newest custom knife categories. Here's what it takes to compete in this class at BLADE Show
Jim Poor Slip Joint

Cool Customs: Jim Poor’s Slip Joint

With a background in being a farrier, Jim Poor makes knives just as tough as his horseshoes, and his slip joint folding hunter is no exception.

Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener Released

The Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener is upgraded to ensure the utmost consistancy and sharpness.
Blade Show Floor

BLADE Show 2023: What To Expect In Atlanta

Here is a full schedule of events for BLADE Show 2023, including knife of the year awards, BLADE U classes, competitions, and more.
Andrew Meers pizza cutter

Cool Customs: Andrew Meers’ Pizza Cutter

You can never have too much pizza, and you can never go wrong buying a pizza cutter made by Andrew Meers.
XM-18 Slippy

Slip Joint Knife: Best Modern Takes On The Classic Design

The latest in factory slip-joint pocketknives make great EDC tools. This quartet of blades does a little bit of everything and would make any knife lover happy.
Kurt Swearingen hunting set

Cool Customs: Kurt Swearingen’s Buffalo Hunter Set

From one-day course to one-of-a-kind knives, Kurt Swearingen's Buffalo Hunter Set shows how quickly the knifemaker honed his craft.
Condor Ula

Best Ulu Knife: Background And Buyer’s Guide

The Ulu knife has grown in popularity in recent times. We cover the origin of this traditional knife of the north, how it's used and some of the best modern options.

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