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Knifemaking is the building of a knife, which includes the blade, handle and other accouterments. Blades are made by either removing metal from a steel blank via a grinder – known as stock removal – and the forging to shape of hot steel into a blade in the process known as bladesmithing. Other parts, including bolsters, guards, pommels, etc., are needed to complete the finished knife.

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Joe Mangiafico Trout Knives

Cool Customs: Joe Mangiafico’s Trout Knives

Inspired by his time fly fishing in the Pacific Northwest, Joe Mangiafico's trout knives are durable, eye-catching tools.
John Thunert Capemaster

Cool Customs: John Thunert’s Capemaster

Utilizing steel from an Iraqi tank, John Thunert's Capemaster is a skinner build on the foundation of a caping knife.
Matt Williams BBQ Chef's Knife

Cool Customs: Matt Williams’ BBQ Chef’s Knife

A woodworker by trade, Matt Williams crafts knives meant for rugged use, including his BBQ Chef's Knife.
Les George M3

Cool Customs: Les George’s M3 Folder

Les George leans on his decade of service in the marines to guide his knifemaking philosophy.
Burt Flanagan

Shop Dump: Burt Flanagan

A disciple of Bill Ruple, Burt Flanagan has been making knives for nearly a decade and crafts some of the finest slip joints in the Lone Star State.
Britton badger

Cool Customs: Tim Britton’s Badger

Inspired by the Keen Kutter pen knife, Tim Britton's Badger is a refined modern version of the classic knife.

Unconditionally Traditional: The Beauty Of Custom Pocketknives

Custom pocketknives always seem to make us feel nostalgic. These models from talented custom makers are all gems.

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