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Ray Rybar's Prospector handle

Cool Custom: Ray Rybar’s Prospector Push Dagger Strikes It Rich

Sourced from Geronimo country Rybar's Prospector dagger and bolo combo prove pure gold.
James Bishop: Death Watch Dagger

Custom Dagger: Double-Edged Gems That Get To The Point

These classic custom daggers dare the steal the show.

2024 Knife Buying Trends: Collectors Tighten Up Their Wallets

After smashing years in the post-pandemic, buyers have tightened their belts. See how this knife buying trend will affect 2024.
Knife Trends

2024 Knife Trends: Watchwords For The Coming Year

Chris Quinn of GP Knives gives his view of knife trends for the upcoming calendar year. See what 2024 has in store for the knife industry.
Buster Warenski’s reproduction of the King Tut Dagger

King Tut Dagger: The Rare Chance To Hold The Legend

A chance phone call out of the blue leads to the author's opportunity to see and hold the iconic Warenski King Tut Dagger.
DAN-D Model 1 Alpine

Cool Custom: John Dennehy’s Model 1 Alpine

John Dennehy carries on a family tradition with a Model Alpine 1 for Kristi Noem. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and her leadership skills have...
The construction assembly of the Carrigan Knife

Parts Of A Knife: Crash Course In Knife Anatomy 101

Looking to learn the proper names for everything on a knife? We have you covered as we go over the parts of a knife you need to know.

The Best Boning Knives

Editor’s note: The author (Josh Wayner) spent the better part of five years working in a high-end specialty butcher shop in coastal west Michigan....

Knife Handles: Gripping Use Of Natural Materials

These beauties look as good to the eye as they feel in the hand.
The Orochi folding knife by Princeton Wong

M.A.C.K.: What Are Machine Assisted Custom Knives?

Learn what the latest BLADE Show custom knife award is all about
Derick Kemper's Scottish Dirk

Cool Custom: Derick Kemper’s Scottish Dirk

A bonnie blade to be sure, Kemper makes a statement with his Scottish dirk.
D Rocket Imp

Cool Customs: Darriel Caston’s Impish Split Handle

Barry Wood’s split-handle folder inspires Darriel Caston’s clever keychain knife.
David Lisch’s spectacular damascus art dagger

Spectacles In Steel: A Look At Definitive Damascus Patterns

Modern makers’ takes on this age-old steel art.
Custom Hunting Knife Malosh-Forged-Elk-Hunter

What Defines The Best Custom Hunting Knives?

Want a top-notch option to take on you next backwoods adventure here's what to look for in a custom hunting knife... and some sharp examples.
Peyton Ramm 3D Damascus

Cool Custom: Peyton Ramm’s 3D Printed Damascus

Peyton Ramm uses the 3D printing process for canister patterns to make his dream knife

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