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Knife collecting is an extremely rewarding experience for knife enthusiasts. There truly is a knife for everyone. Many increase or hold their value throughout the years, making collecting knives something to pass on to the next generation of knife collectors.

how to give someone a knife

The Best Way to Hand Someone a Knife

Here's the only way to safely hand off a knife with an exposed blade. It's simple, and you'll look like a knife pro every time you do it.

Buy the Best EDC Knife for the Money

Read this before you buy your next EDC knife.
Puukko knife terms

Knives 101: What Is A Puukko Knife?

Puukko is Finnish for “knife.” It is deeply rooted in Scandinavian countries where the knife is both tool and art form.
How to buy a custom slip joint knife

Trend Watch: Why Are Custom Slip Joint Knives So Popular?

Custom slip joints are red hot with knife collectors right now. What's driving the demand for these classic knives? BLADE polled leading knifemakers to find out.
What is an OTS knife?

Choosing Automatic Knives: OTS Or OTF?

What’s the right style of automatic knife for you: OTS or OTF? Here's what factors to consider before you make a purchase.
Benefits of Scandi grind knife

Is The Scandi The Best Grind For Bushcraft Knives?

Here are the best arguments for and against bushcraft knives that use a Scandi grind. Read this before you buy a bushcraft knife.
George Herron South Carolina knifemaker

Greatest Custom Knifemakers Of All-Time: George Herron

Without a doubt, BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame® member George Herron was one of the best custom knifemakers to ever pursue the art.

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