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Shane Taylor Linerlock Folder

Pocketful Of Miracles: New Pocketknife Drops

Hip pocket feel empty? We got the cure for that...
Gerber Key Note

Keychain Knives: Unlocking The Secrets To The Convenience Blade

Handy keychain knives are pocket pards ready to sever and serve

What Makes The Perfect Pocketknife?

The types, materials, brands and uses of the almost ubiquitous pocketknife.

Neo-Slippies: Not Your Granddad’s Slip Joint Knives

Tradition meshes with modern in today’s new-age factory slip joints.
A number of Sheffield makers came to America in the 19th century. An example of their amazing craftsmanship is this 25-implement Horseman’s Knife made in England circa 1803. (SharpByCoop image)

Give It Up for Pocketknives

The simple pockeknife still holds its own after all these years.

OKNIFE Beagle Review: Nice Doggy

The OKNIFE Beagle emerges from testing as one well-bred blade.

The Tony Test: Lockback Whittlers

Tony Bose said if you can make a lockback whittler, you have arrived as a knifemaker.
taka v2s

Cool Custom: Brian Brown’s Taka v2s

Not one of his everyday builds, the Taka v2s by Brian Brown features a notable blade, handle and lock.
New crkt redemption

New Knives: From Tactical To Outdoor Blades

These babies are jaw droppers…
CRKT Lead Ritual

CRKT: Trio Of Cutting-Edge Knives Drop For BLADE Show Texas

CRKT is releasing three Alan Folts designs--all folders--in anticipation of the Ft. Worth Knife Show.
Bear Song VIII

Butterfly Knife: Balisong Knives That Soar

To be competitive, today’s balisongs must excel at flipping as well as cutting
Case CT1

Case Knives: Bevy Of New Knife Drops For The New Year

Case Knives is celebrating its 135th year with some top-notch new knives.
Chris Hamelin: Saratoga Hunter

New Knives: Hunting Knives And Outdoor Blades

Hunting and outdoor endeavors, these blades are a cut above the rest.
According to Bruce Voyles, when Al Buck made the Buck 110 in the mid-1960s, nothing else looked quite like it.

Best Buck Knife: What Are The Company’s All-Time Classics

Buck Knives is among the most historic manufacturers in the county. We attempt to pick the best knives it has ever created.
Opening CRKT Provoke

CRKT Provoke Review: A Different Cut Of Knife

A mechanical wonder with practical functionality, the CRKT Provoke incites wonder.

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