knife crime in uk vs nyc

Analysis: London Murder Count Overtakes NYC for First Time

Stabbings propelled London's murder total beyond New York City's in early 2018. Here's why it matters when it comes to knife laws, racial bias and effective policing.
kirpan dagger example

When Knife Restrictions Collide with Religious Freedom

Restrictions on the public carry of knives can have an unintended consequence. Sikhs, who carry daggers called kirpans as part of their faith, are prohibited from openly practicing their religion.
Cyrus Vance junior

Notorious Knife Prosecutor Allegedly Turned Blind Eye to Weinstein Accusations

The Manhattan district attorney notorious for his "gravity knife" prosecutions is now being investigated for apparently turning a blind eye to a 2015 sexual assault allegation against disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.
no knives for a day

Knife News Wire 3/12/18 – Experiment: An Entire Month Without a Knife?

Is it possible to go an entire month without using a knife? One knifemaker is putting down his blades to find out.
Canada bans knives

U.S. Knife Advocacy Group Working to Overturn Canadian Ban on Imported Knives

The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) has been actively working since mid-January with Canadian stakeholders towards a solution to the recent ruling by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT)
Arkansas Knife Show 2018 award winners

55 Beautiful Custom Knife Photos: Highlights from The Arkansas Knife Show 2018

Here are 55 high-quality photos of custom knives that made big impressions at the 2018 Arkansas Knife Show.
canada folding knife border

Knife News Wire 3/2/18 – Canadians Petition Government to Overturn Folding Knife Ban

A petition seeking to overturn Canada's ban on importing folding knives picked up steam with an endorsement from Member of Parliament Matt Jeneroux.