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Columbia River Knife and Tool Kit Carson M16-ZLEK
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About CRKT

Columbia River Knife & Tool® (CRKT®), is a Tualatin, Oregon-based manufacturer of knives, tools, and accessories founded in 1994. Company president and co-founder Rod Bremer says, “We’re happy to report continued growth and what we call the ripple ‘effect.’ That is, one good idea leads to another and the wave expands. This year we are able to offer more quality, more value and more innovation.”

Sport & Work Knives

CRKT continues to come up with interesting new knives and tools for hunting, fishing, shooting, and daily work tasks such as the new NIRK™ Tighe, K.I.S.S® ASSist, Keydashi™, Sampa™, Shenanigan™, Onion Skinner™, Shakaulu™, Crimson Trace RBT™ and Picatinny Tool™, and CRKT Fillet Knives. In addition, there are line extensions including the NIRK™ Novo, Lake 111™ Z, and Grandpa’s Favorite™. We’ve also added a true left-hand build sport model in the M21™-02GL.

I.D. Works® Tools

This line continues to be dedicated to multifunctional tools that are uniquely creative. The motto is simply “Inspired Design Works.®” The Eat’N Tool™ designed by Liong Mah is proving to be a big hit in the outdoor world.

Professional Knives & Tools

The CRKT “For Those Who Serve®” line of professional knives has proven very popular with operators in the field. This year CRKT has added a smaller version of James Williams’ Hisshou®, called the Shinbu™, we have created a special line of Carson M16®-ZLEK models for law enforcement, we’ve expanded our Emergency Rescue line with the M16®-14ZER, and we’ve added two true left-hand build Special Forces models, the M16®-13SFGL and the M16®-14SFGL.

Nathan’s Knife Kit

We must acknowledge seven-year-old Nathan Klecker, son of design engineer Glenn Klecker, for conceiving of Nathan’s Knife Kit, a softwood model kit which allows a youngster to assemble and decorate a model of a lockback folder. We believe this kit will be an affordable way to teach knife safety and woodworking craftsmanship to children over the age of seven.

Specialized Designs

We’ve always offered   striking and unusual niche products, and this year we have a bunch, ranging from the Ikoma Keydashi™ keychain knife, to the Onion Shakaulu™ skinner/cleaver, to the hefty Shinbu™. Each has a clear design purpose, and is carefully thought-out.

Collaborations with Leading Designers

CRKT is probably best known for its K.I.S.S.® series, the original two-piece money clip knives designed by Ed Halligan, and its M16® series, designed by Kit Carson. “These knives were pivotal to our success,” says Bremer. “We recognized them as successful custom designs which deserved to be put into production to reach a wider audience. We continue to seek collaborations with leading custom knifemakers and bright young industrial designers, because it is good for us, good for them, and good for our customers.” Designers Ken Onion and Flavio Ikoma are prominently featured with new offerings this year.


All CRKT knives and tools are built incorporating the most advanced equipment and production systems available, and quality is controlled from beginning to end. Knives are built the way they should be built—without compromising quality in any part of their creation. CRKT accessories are crafted to the same standards as the knives, so that each sheath, for example, lives up to the customers’ high expectations.

CRKT knives, tools, and accessories are covered by exceptional warranties, which are fully detailed in the company catalog and website.

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For more information, call (503) 685-5015 or (800) 891-3100 or fax (503) 682-9680, or write Columbia River Knife & Tool, 18348 SW 126th Place, Tualatin, OR 97062. Reach them via e-mail at