Knife safety tips

3 Tips for Introducing Kids to Knives

Here are three safety tips to keep in mind when introducing kids to using knives.
Are ballistic knives illegal

This is the Most Illegal Knife in America

The most banned knife in the United States remains the ballistic knife. Here's a look at what ballistic knives are and how they became banned.
BLADE Cutlery Hall of Fame

Keeslar and Sornberger Join Cutlery Hall Of Fame®

Joe Keeslar and Jim Sornberger are the 2020 inductees to the Cutlery Hall Of Fame. This is the highest honor in the world of knives.
Custom knives American Bladesmith Society test

Knife Collecting 101: What is a Knife's Provenance?

If you're going to buy a custom knife, you need to understand why provenance is so important. It's the icing on the cake, and it protects your investment.
Ring knife definition

Know Your Knives: What is a Ring Knife?

Ring knives are as utilitarian as it gets. See some examples here.