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My name is Enrique Pena, I am 32 years old and live in Laredo, Texas. Married to a beautiful wife and have three beautiful girls which are three, five and seven years old.
I started experimenting with knife making at the age of 13 and later with the help of a local friend set up a knife making shop and knife making became my hobby. I was fortunate to meet Bill Ruple which was the one to really make an impression in me as to where I wanted to get with the knives that I make. He has been the one to really refine my skill and I’m now blessed to call him a friend.

I exclusively build traditional slipjoint and some lock back patterns. I am now a full time knife maker and also build and sell custom grinders for knife making. I always strive for excellence in every knife I make, because I feel every knife is a reflection of my workmanship and my knives are designed to be carried and used.

To place an order email me at ep3757@yahoo.com or call me at (956)771-7749 or feel free to view examples of my work on my website.