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Designing functional art has been my business for about four years, but working with wood has been a part of my life for 30 years or so. As a hobby I have built fences, decks, kitchen cabinets, antique replica furniture and more. Growing up as a kid and working with my father who was a landscaper and an uncle who was a carpenter helped me became skillful with my hands. My creativity I owe to God.

I am the author of a book “Turning Beautiful Pens with Charles Turnage” (not yet published) and I wrote an article for Popular Woodworking magazine (Dec. 2002) entitled “Turned Bottle Stoppers” and one for American Woodturner due out September 2003 entitled “Bottle Stoppers”. Some other articles on my work are “Noted with Pleasure” Niche magazine (Winter 2003), “Carving art out of antlers and palm nuts” Sunday Telegram (business section- Dec. 15, 2002), “Turning Time” Worcester Magazine (June 20, 2001) and “Wood Ma.. Fall Show 2000” Wood magazine. I have also been on front cover of Penn State Industries (craft supply catalog) three times. A few other noteworthy accomplishments are I developed Hi-Gloss Project Finish, I designed the Bottle Stopper Lathe Chuck, I redesigned the Wine Bottle Stopper Kit (all for Penn State Indus.) and I designed a jig for getting fine shavings from bone for Etex Corporation.