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At, we are committed to providing you the customer with the best quality products and service. All of you might not be aware of it but we have recently
started shipping directly from South Africa.

This was a very important business decision for us and we considered all the options as well as taking into account feedback from you the customer.

The fact that shipping time to customers from date of order on would increase was one of our primary concerns, however we decided that we could provide the best service to customers by directly shipping from South Africa.

Previously we were required to ship from South Africa to a US Distribution Centre. Shipping to a distribution centre in USA was a lengthy process. The bulk shipment could take up to 6 weeks before arriving in the USA, where it could take a further
2 weeks to reach our distribution centre. Sandy McClure runs the US distribution centre of in the USA. She is Vice President of KGA knifemakers group in Oklahoma.

Only when the goods were received by Sandy would the items be loaded onto the website and available for purchase. Therefore the website was always 8 – 10 weeks behind and the website would only be restocked every 3 months.

By shipping from South Africa, items become available for sale as soon as we have finished production. This provides you the customer with a greater variety of products and ensures that the website remains fully stocked at all times.

Not only does shipping from South Africa increase the variety of products available but it also ensures that our prices remain low. Our commitment to maintain low prices despite the tough economic environment is demonstrated by the fact that we have not increased the price of Giraffe bone in 7 years!

Shipping from South Africa take up to 10 working days.

Once you placed your order on, Sandy McClure will contact you to organise payment as well as shipment no matter where in the world you find yourself.

Shipping cost all depends on the weight of your order. Weight of each product is indicated with the description of each product. All transactions thus take place in the USA.

For any more question you are welcome to visit our website at or contact Sandy on the toll free number (888) 804-0683

Be sure to check out our website regularly for the best quality African knife handles including Warthog tusks, Springbok horn, Kudu horn, Merino Rams horn, Impala Bone, Giraffe bone and Wildebeest bone in colours ranging from fossil, mammoth ivory and black marble as well as wide range of exotic African woods.