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Business Name: TERRA INCOGNITA. In Latin, “Terra Incognita” means “earth unidentified” or “earth unknown”. In America’s early existence and on early maps, all land west of the Mississippi was termed “Terre Inconu” (Terra Incognita), or “Indian Land”. This was due to the fact that little was known about it. The land was unexplored, feared and unknown to civilized society. To explore and settle that land and make a fair living was part of early American expansion. The fur trade, westward land expansion, gold rushes and other similar events helped form early America. Hence we chose the name Terra Incognita because it conjures the essence of a treasure hunt (which we are always on), we never know what we will find next. Finding treasures to pass on to the advanced connoisseur has more than a monetary reward. Most of the items that we deal in “speak” to us or have soul. These are the types of items that we enjoy most in collecting and transferring to the collector world. We also have conducted business overseas and with overseas clients; Terra Incognita is a name that transcends language. We originally registered our name with the city of Chicago and State of Illinois in 1997. After 14 years, we have had great feedback, the name has a ring to it that people like, understand and can remember. Give us a call or email today to discuss your wants, needs and/or collecting interests.

Product: Our inventory consists of fine Native American antiquities, antique arms, mainly Bowie Knives, cowboy items (leather, boots), sporting art and fine paintings and flat work. Duck decoys, Zuni art and Bowie Knives hold a dear place in our hearts. The Native American antiquities (arms) and Bowie Knives from 1820 thru the Civil War remain our specialty. We focus on pre 1900 items, but also trade items up to present day. We usually have a nice selection of pre 1890 beadwork and weapons, concentrating on the Indian wars period. We also like to have on hand early Native American pottery, turquoise and silver jewelry and carvings/fetishes. We love Zuni pottery, jewelry and inlay along with other fine art from selected pueblos. From time to time we get a good ANTIQUE Colt single action, Winchester, or Remington, but more often we concentrate on Plains and fur trade percussions and flint-locks. As you can see we have a varied interest but always classic and often eclectic.

We exhibit or travel to 35 to 40 shows or events per year, therefore our inventory turns over rather quickly. Check back often, if you don’t see something for you then go ahead and ask. We may have it, just not posted yet.

There remains huge potential in many collecting areas. We take pride in finding value in the best items with exceptional quality or rareness and what I call WOW factor. We also have on hand and have bought and sold items that are significant American treasures. Contact us today with your interests and/or to discuss acquisitions or help in building a collection. If we don’t have something on hand, we can find (or possibly already know) where it is. Yes, I can (find it), is big part of my vocabulary. We have contacts in just about every state of the Union and in Canada, France and England. Contact us today.

Location: We are located in Chicago, and have a gallery by appointment only. We have opened a small gallery in Southwestern Michigan (open only by appointment). We conduct most of our business in other States, while exhibiting at various trade shows around the Country. Feel free to contact me to inquire when/if I will be near your location.

Experience: Mr. Baldwin has attended trade and antique shows and auctions since before he could walk. His Father was a noted author on Indian weapons, a book series titled “of the American Frontier”. There are 7 titles in the series. Please view my photos for info on that or for purchasing any of the titles. Jason was co-authoring a book titled “The Best of the Bowie Knives of the American Frontier” with his Father. Plans will go forward at a later date. His great uncle Lynn Munger owns and operates the Potawatomie Museum, mainly focusing on Indian artifacts. Jason has actively participated in antique and fine art shows for over 30 years.

Mr. Baldwin began his trading career for fun. While in college he was a collector and exhibited at a few shows per year. His first professional successes came as a commodities futures trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. Trading live with hand signals in the Dow Jones futures pit for over three years. He has worked at all of the major exchanges here in Chicago and some indirectly with New York (the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, The Chicago Board Options Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade). High dollar transactions and taking care of money is old hat for Mr. Baldwin. All transactions will be handled with discreet professional care, courtesy and honesty with the customer in mind every step of the way.

Mr. Baldwin was voted by his peers; to the post of Secretary/Treasurer for the Antique Bowie Knife Association (ABKA). He then was asked to take on the responsibility of President of the ABKA. Upon completing his term as President he took over as the editor for the ABKA journal. He is a life member of the board of directors for the ABKA.

A few of our goals are to use our experience, contacts and knowledge to help provide a more liquid market place and make available to the discreet connoisseur/collector the highest quality of art forms and antiques (antique arms included). If we don’t have it, we know where it can be obtained. Our success rate is very high when charged with securing the rare unobtainable items. Call today to discuss your wants, needs, & interests. You will get quality items at fair prices, many times with historical significance, but most important THEY WILL BE REAL. We take great pride in serving the high-end collector; rest assured your contact information and dealings will be handled with utmost care and discreetness. That’s another part of our business name that has a double connotation…Incognito, both for me and you. Email or Call today ask for Jason 312 316-7484