Bradford Guardian 4.5

8 Knife Shows to Attend – November 2019

There's nothing quite like meeting the makers behind the knives that collectors love.
Black Hole custom knife

When Astronomy Meets Knifemaking: The Custom “Black Hole” Knife

ABS master smith Dan Petersen was so inspired by the now-famous photo of a black hole in outer space that he built an award-winning custom knife.
Portland Oregon knife shows

BLADE Show West 2019 Showcases Portland’s Knife Industry

BLADE Show West 2019 will feature Oregon's best and brightest knifemakers and knife companies.
How to sell a knife collection

Tips for Liquidating a Knife Collection After the Collector Dies

It's not fun to think about, but at some point your loved ones will be responsible for your knife collection. What you do now, and what they do after you're gone, is important to ensure the knives find good homes.
Custom knife dealer tips

Are Custom Knife Dealers Still Relevant?

Answer: Even in the age of Instagram photos, online forums, and social media, there is still a need for experts who stand behind their experience.