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I have enjoyed knives since I was in elementary school. Back then we could take our knives to elementary school. I started building things with wood when I was about 12. I started building fine jewelry boxes and cabinetry out of exotic hardwoods when I was 31, in 1988. In 1994 I started putting handles on kit knives and forgot all about woodworking (sorry, Honey). Then I made my first hand made knife in 1998. I have made about 175 since then. And I am starting to get it figured out. Unfortunately I have some serious health problems that don’t allow me to spend as much time making knives as I would like. But I thank God every day for all of my many blessings.

I live in Largo, Florida, USA. What I’m passionate about: My blessed Saviour Jesus, the survival of America as she was designed and family & friends.

My favorite movies: The Passion of the Christ, The Godfather. My favorite music: The Beatles, Contemporary Christian Music, Bob Dylan. My favorite books: The Bible, Vince Flynn books and the dictionary.

I’ve been shot, paralized from the neck down twice, almost died from menigitis and gone thru a windshield backwards. So I know God loves me and isn’t thru with me yet.

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