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Hi, I’m Todd Begg. I specialize in high precision cutlery with an old
world flare for artistry. I love knives, I love making them and I love
seeing other people use my knives. Knives have been a passion of mine
since I was a kid, and making them for a living is a dream job for me.

My goal is to produce functional and beautiful knives that are
innovative and unique. I strive for perfection in form, function, fit
and finish. My goal in building knives is to deliver a finished piece
that will be cherished and appreciated for generations to come. I employ
the stock removal method of knife making with a particular emphasis on
precision machined details and inlay work. I strive to create a knife
with zero tool marks, I want the knife to look as if it was born and
not built. I believe the collector deserves to see effort on every
surface of the knife.

Visit us at if you are interested in our new
offerings or placing an order.

Todd Begg


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