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Vosteed Mayhem black

Vosteed Mayhem: The Compression Lock Rides Again

A top-end offering, the Vosteed Mayhem takes a run at proven, yet challenging locking mechanism. Prolific in its offerings, they must not sleep much over...
Spartan Poros Carbon Fiber-G-10 Composite

Spartan Poros: Sleek And Economic Flipper

Priced right and darkly attractive, the Spartan Poros offers a work-a-day option.
Case Gent Knife

Best Gentleman Knife: Top Lookers And Doers (2023)

The best gentleman knife is thoughtfully executed and is up to any task. We pick the top options in the classy corner of the knife world.
XM-18 Slippy

Slip Joint Knife: Best Modern Takes On The Classic Design

The latest in factory slip-joint pocketknives make great EDC tools. This quartet of blades does a little bit of everything and would make any knife lover happy.

First Look: CJRB Crag

The CJRB Crag is a fairly-priced knife that looks great, cuts great, and is absolutely worth the investment.
Tactical Pocket Knife

5 Best Tactical Pocketknives: Perfect EDC Options

Tactical pocketknives are some of the most popular on the market today. these are five blades that are worth your money and your time.

Best Sheepsfoot Blade Knives For Everyday Use

The sheepsfoot blade isn't the most popular style, but it is certainly quite useful. This quartet of knives show why you should try a sheepsfoot.

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