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First Look: Gerber Center-Drive Rescue

The Center-Drive Rescue is an exciting, new multi-tool from Gerber. With 14 tools, the CDR is as feature-packed as it gets.

First Look: Gerber Devour – Titanium

The new titanium Devour from Gerber Gear is far more than just an eating utensil. This multi-tool really is unlike any other on the market.

First Look: Gerber Stake Out

The Stake Out is yet another fun and exciting multi-tool from Gerber. Designed for camping, the Stake Out checks all the boxes.

The Gerber Mark II: A Historic Fighting Knife

The Gerber Mark II is one of the most famous combat knives ever issued to the American military. First introduced in 1966, it still endures today.

First Look: Gerber Savvy

Gerber may be known for some of the most rugged tools out there, but this new series of folders is sleek, sexy, and shines bright.

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