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Now you can see the pattern-welded steel used to make the blade in this Andrew Griggs' Southern Comfort model.

6 Things BLADE Looks For In A Knife Photo

Taking great photographs of knives is no easy task—unless you're a professional, in which case you can stop reading. Essentially, you’re taking a highly...
“Knifemaker Showcase” features six custom knifemakers in the pages of BLADE magazine every month.

5 Ways To Get Your Knives Featured In BLADE

Here are 5 ways to get your knives featured in BLADE, either in print or online. Our goal is to include as many different...
Todd Stracener made this Thai-inspired kitchen knife to be as beautiful as it is functional.

20 Custom Knives Moms Want For Mother’s Day

Has a card, flowers and brunch become the routine for Mother's Day? Maybe you've tried getting creative with gift-giving but it wasn't well received, so you're sticking...
Don Shipman made an edged-weapon set that includes a knife with a sheath, a tomahawk, a bonnet and a war club.

Green Beret’s Edged-Weapon Set Up For Auction

Don Shipman of Shipman Knife & Hawk and Longfear Forge in Waco, Texas, has made a Rogers' Rangers III edged-weapon set for auction to...
Knife events will be promoted on our BLADE Calendar, starting now.

Fill BLADE Calendar With Your Knife Events

We’ve added a calendar to BLADEmag.com. Now, we need your knife events to fill in the BLADE Calendar. We’ll take anything to do with...
Jared Wihongi helped design his signature line of knives with Browning.

Edged-Weapon Expert Talks Knife Fighting

Jared Wihongi is a native New Zealander who began training in martial arts at an early age. As a young man he had the...

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