30 Beards Of BLADE Show That Impressed All

30 Beards Of BLADE Show That Impressed All
The beards of BLADE Show impressed all. This example of a full beard is combined with longer hair for a decidedly not-hipster, old-school look.

Short, long, thick, thin—and we’re not talking about the wide variety of knives at BLADE Show. No, we’re talking about facial hair that made men nod and women blush. The beards of BLADE Show impressed all! This collection is only a small representation of what we saw at the show. We don’t care about the ebbs and flows of fashion or laboratory tests on what’s found in beards, which frankly only tell us that bearded men live life to the full extent of their whiskers! Here at BLADE, we only hope the tradition continues.

The beards of BLADE Show impressed all. This example of a full beard is combined with longer hair for a decidedly not-hipster, backwoodsy look.
Another Bandholz, only this one with shorter hair, could be seen at the Chris Reeve Knives booth. We also liked the hat adornment. We guess BLADE Show had something to do with knives, but back to beards…
We liked all the beards at BLADE Show.
Lou Goodman of Abraham & Moses Survival Equipment sports a neat Van Dyke, which is any mustache-beard combo but with cheeks clean-shaven.
Beards, beards and more beards at BLADE Show.
We liked the gradations of red in this full beard on Larry Roberts, “Alone” Season 2’s runner-up.
BLADE Show was a not only a feast for the eyes of knives, but of beards as well.
Ever see a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert? We found this full beard-long hair combination, if we remember correctly, at Zombie Tools.
Al Mar at BLADE Show 2017 contributed mightily to the Beards at BLADE Show collection.
These old-school gentlemen at Al Mar offered two styles of white whiskers and we loved them both!
Facial hair in combination with hair produces all kinds of striking looks at BLADE Show 2017.
At Rustick Knives we found the warrior tradition expressed in a samurai-esk ponytail and full beard on the owner of Harp Leather.
The beards of BLADE Show came in all shapes and lengths and we liked them all.
Dave Wenger, owner of Wenger Blades in Hudsonville, Michigan, rolled with a Hollywoodian, which from what we can figure is a trailback that meets up with sideburns. Who cares what they call it; we like it!
The Beards of BLADE Show came in all colors.
Dan “Jake” Jaquay of KME Sharpeners chilled out on Sunday at BLADE Show with his flame-red chin tresses.
White River Knife and Tool had two significant beard-wearing men manning its booth.
Our photographer went back more than once to try to capture the wildness at White River Knife and Tool, but could never seem to catch Matt C. and Alan N. at the same time. Fortunately, they caught wind of our mission and sent this along. Double-YES!
BLADE Show beards kept turning heads.
Officially a Van Dyke, the goatee on this show attendee is going as far as it wants.
Exhibitors and BLADE Show attendees both provided plenty of beards for the feasting.
Eli Gautreaux of Jerry Hossom Knives checked out the Knife of the Year Award entries in the lobby.
We do not care whats the beards are called, we just hope to see them at BLADE Show 2018!
A show-goer seems to be having a good time while we admire his Hollywoodian done to full length.
The BLADE Show was as much about beards as it was about knives.
We found that bearded men tended to have bearded friends, so we often got twofers!
BLADE Show was not just about the blades.
A barback at Key Bar caresses the whiskers.
BLADE Show 2018 will be held June 1-3.
These two show-goers worked the man buns, ear stretcher and shades.
There were knives and beards aplenty at BLADE Show 2017.
As much as we tried to capture bearded men unaware, they often knew they were being watched.
BLADE Show beards came in all colors and lengths.
This lucky winner at the Ernest Emerson Custom Knives Lottery almost looks like he is starting a French fork-style of beard. Ernie looked as debonaire as always.
Young and old alike sported righteous beards at BLADE Show.
Ken Hunt of Attleboro Knives in Idaho sports a salt and pepper Van Dyke.
BLADE Show is three days of blades and , it turns out, beards.
Another lucky winner at the Emerson Knives Lottery, Sevag Tankian, rocks a distinctive full beard.
The Beards of BLADE Show just keep on coming.
Stephan Fowler of Fowler Blades paired his full beard with a tactikilt one day, but, well, that’s a story for another BLADE Show.
The Beards of BLADE Show turned out offer and endless assortment of beards.
This luxurious white Van Dyke was worn well by a gentleman attending the Emerson Custom Knives Lottery on Saturday.
Beards, beards and more beards were the backup attraction at BLADE Show 2017.
We always enjoy talking with new knifemakers…oh, and look, a beard. We hope to see this knifemaker back again next year, along with many others. Like and Follow “Erin at BLADE” on Facebook for guidance on how to get your knife into BLADE Magazine.
Beards kept heads turning all weekend long at the Cobb Galleria Centre at BLADE Show 2017.
A righteous beard! If a knife doesn’t catch your eye at BLADE Show, we’re thinking a beard or two might.
Beards and blades: What more is there at BLADE Show, the largest knife show in the world.
Be sure to plan for BLADE Show 2018 starting now. You know there will be plenty of knives, and if there’s ever an exhibition of beards, this is the place!

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