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The March 2011 BLADE® is on most newsstands now. Get the latest on what's needed in the knife industry in terms of new knife tests; a story on the late, great John Nelson Cooper; a profile of bladesmith Bill Burke; the latest factory tactical fixed blades; a test of bladesmith Erik Fritz's utility knife; four makers to watch in 2011; a recap of 2010's sharpest knife happenings; how to carve; a review of Dr. Jim Lucie's new book, Scagel Handmade; a story on Knife Showcase; a review of the Knifemakers' Guild Show; the knives our military is using in Afghanistan; and much more.


There is also editorial mention of knives by Mantis Knives, the Mantis “Principal” being the cover knife; William Henry Studio; Steve Koster; Spyderco; Michael Kinker; Tom Mayo; Leatherman; Gerber; Simonich Knives; Meyerco; a TOPS/Buck collaboration; Heckler & Koch; United Cutlery; Zero Tolerance; Ka-Bar/Becker Knife & Tool; Rick Marchand; Tommy Ploppert; David Sloan; Sniper Bladeworks; Joe Szilaski; William Scagel; Todd Begg; Kershaw; Ontario; Brian Tighe; David Winston; Kyle Royer; Boker USA; Jim Grizzard; John Pawlowski; Cold Steel; Jeff Harkins; Blade-Tech; Colten Tippets; Kevin Evans; John Barker; Joel Worley; Steve Davis; Pohan Leu; James Scroggs; Dale Whitesell; Tom Overeynder; Steve Hoel; Rob Hudson; Bill Johnson; Kevin Hoffman; Stephen Mackrill; Jason Rabuck; Al Mar Knives; Dan Winkler; SOG Specialty Knives & Tools; Burt Foster; Woody Woodcock; Bill Amoureux; Alan Warren; and Warren Osborne.


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