Marine Corps Mandates Strap Cutter as Standard Issue


(Note: This was not written by me. It’s a release from The Ontario Knife Company)

When the members of the US Marine Corps face danger defending our country, they rely on their rigorous training, each other, and the best-engineered tools on the planet to fight for our freedom. That’s why The Ontario Knife Company is proud to announce that their new Model 4 Coyote Brown Strap Cutter™ was recently chosen — after grueling testing of global top competitors — as the military-grade, ultra tough tool for a variety of safety and rescue applications for the Corps. Thanks to its unmatched quality and battle-proven performance, The Ontario Knife Company has already proudly provided more than 350,000 life saving Strap Cutters to the U.S. Military for use in Afghanistan, Iraq and all over the world. This new, sole source contract recently awarded by the United States Marine Corps is for over 150,000 additional life saving Strap Cutters.

Model 4 Coyote Brown Strap CutterSemper Fidelis — “Always Faithful” — has been an official Corps motto for more than a century. It embodies the loyalty and commitment Marines swear to one another and to their country. These are fighters who have to make decisions in split seconds — decisions that save lives. Therefore, the tools taken into the field by these brave men and women must also constantly be relied on in life and death situations. The USMC had to have the confidence that The Ontario Knife Company’s Model 4 Coyote Brown Strap Cutter was capable of saving a Marine’s life — able to cut through all USMC wheeled and tracked vehicle seatbelts and aircraft restraint systems, as well as all USMC field clothing/uniforms, including footwear. And The Ontario Knife Company delivered.
“A seatbelt cutter can help save solders’ lives in two ways: by giving them the confidence to buckle up, protecting them from rollover, sudden vehicle stops or direction changes, and by being able to cut the belt to escape quickly in the event of a rollover, fire or water hazard,” reported SGM Thomas W. Coleman, U.S. Army Soldier System Center/PEO Soldier.

This incredible tool is compact and lightweight (with sheath, the tool weighs in at a mere 3 ounces and measures less than 7” length x 2” width) so it’s easy and convenient for marines to carry and stash. Its unique Coyote Brown non-reflective powder coat finish ensures a quick and easy grab and grip. Its sightless orientation allows Marines to operate the tool either bare handed, or when wearing cold weather gloves, mission-oriented-protective posture gloves, leather gloves or fire-resistant gloves. This piece of equipment, while small, will give the
Marines confidence to buckle up in the first place, secure in the knowledge that it will do its job quickly and efficiently. Of course, The Ontario Knife Company has a long history of providing high performance tools to the Armed Forces and takes the privilege of being chosen over the competition to help protect our Marines with a key piece of equipment seriously. “We’re extremely honored to have the Ontario Knife Combat Rescue Strap Cutter receive this level of military acceptance, and have had the distinct pleasure of providing the kind of equipment that helps keep our troops safe at home and abroad,” says Nick Trbovich, Jr., The Ontario Knife Company President and CEO. “We look forward to continuing to provide high performance solutions for these demanding applications in the decades ahead.”

The Ontario Model 4 Coyote Brown Strap Cutter provided a wide range of industry-leading features that proved that no other strap cutter could match it. And the decision was not made lightly — this amazing, versatile tool was subjected to unbelievably intense testing both in and out of the field before emerging as the clear choice Marines could count on in life-threatening emergencies.

It’s crafted from rugged, lightweight, high-strength machined aluminum that will not melt, shatter or crack. It also features patented ultra sharp Titanium Nitride-coated blades, which can be easily replaced in the field in order to renew the life of the tool. These unique shatter-proof blades are flexible, impact resistant, and can easily slice through virtually any task it tackles. Plus, it comes complete with a flame-retardant, load-bearing, MOLLE compatible sheath which easily houses spare blades. This safety tool also features shackle wrenches and one perfect-sized opening that fit standard oxygen valves. Like other Ontario Knife products, the Model 4 Coyote Brown Strap Cutter complies with the Berry Amendment as it is proudly 100% made in the U.S.A.

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