New Hampshire Rep. Jenn Coffey Joins Knife Showcase


New Hampshire Rep. Jenn Coffey has a history of promoting some of the most progressive knife legislation in the country – maybe even the world. And now you can interact with her on Knife Showcase.


Last year, legislation introduced by Coffey decriminalizing the possession of switchblades, dirks, daggers and stilettos became New Hampshire law. As BLADE magazine and other knife advocates have argued for decades, it is the intent of the person that determines whether possessing these items is illegal – not their mere possession. Coffey‘s legislation spelled that out almost word-for-word, and now New Hampshire is one of the most sensible places on the planet for knife enthusiasts.


Now she’s back at it again, this time sponsoring a knife preemption bill for New Hampshire. If passed, the bill would allow for uniform knife regulations across the state. If knife possession is legal in one area, it will be legal in all areas. Right now, different jurisdictions have different rules.


Those are only a couple reasons in Coffey‘s long resume that she is one of BLADE‘s favorite legislators. Coffey is a friend of all who appreciate knives, or anyone who understands that government should focus crime laws on actual criminals and not peaceful people.


Say “hi” on her Knife Showcase profile page here. Coffey‘s mission is to spread sensible knife laws across the country, so get in touch about what you can do in your area.

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