9/11: We Will Never Forget


It was 11 years ago today—a sunny Tuesday morning, just as it is this morning in New York City—that scores of innocent Americans paid the ultimate price when the Twin Towers were attacked.

At some point today, take time to pause and reflect on those innocent lives lost and the lives today that continue to be affected and will be for decades to come. We salute the victims and their survivors, for they are the ones who shouldered the brunt of the burden, with the survivors continuing to do so today.

The knife above was made by Bob Dozier and scrimshawed by Sandra Brady. It rests atop a raw piece of cut steel from the South Tower and, below it, a piece of South Tower and 1095 carbon steel forged into ladder-pattern damascus by Daryl Meier. A portion of the latter material was used for the blade steel.

On one side is “We Remember 9-11-2011” commemorating the 10th anniversary, and the New York city skyline, including a shadow outline of the Twin Towers in place of the missing jet in a flyby jet formation, and a soldier saluting. On the flip side is a scene of firemen fighting the fires of the Twin Towers before they fell, an American flag, and the words, “Lest We Forget 9-11-2001.”

The knife was auctioned last year to benefit the 9/11 first responders’ families.

“There will never be enough to repay our debt for what [the first responders] paid,” Dozier said in a BLADE article last year.

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