4 Surprising Superstitions About Knives

4 Surprising Superstitions About Knives

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There’s a certain mystique to knives. They’re ancient, crafted with secret techniques and can instantly convey a message about the person in possession of them. It’s no wonder there are a few superstitions about knives out there. Here are four.

1) A Gifted Knife Can End a Friendship

The saying goes that a gifted knife will sever the ties between the giver and the receiver. To avoid the end of a friendship, the recipient needs to hand over a penny to the benefactor. Like that, the gift turns into a purchase and no harm will be done.

2) Ease Labor Pains During Childbirth

Placing a knife under the bed of a woman giving birth is believed to ease her pain during labor. Also, sticking a knife into the mattress of a laboring woman is supposed to help her birth a boy.

3) Don’t Lay One Knife Across Another

Crossed knives on a table will cause a quarrel. Crossing a knife with another piece of cutlery is a sign of witchcraft. And if you cross your knife with your spoon, you are implying the food didn’t taste good and that you wish bad luck on the chef.

4) Don’t Sharpen Knives After Dark

It was believed that sharpening knives after sunset was bad luck – which makes sense, considering that this superstition goes back to a time before electricity.

No matter if you follow the original advice or apply the antidote of keeping “a pinch of salt in the churn to keep the witches out,” we strongly advise against sharpening in the dark. Always.

Knife Superstitions

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