Veggie Slicer by Delight Valley Blades.

Delight Valley Veggie Slicer Review: Roughing Up Roughage

Specially formulated to knock vegetables down to size, the Veggie Slicer has an edge in the kitchen.
Buster Warenski’s reproduction of the King Tut Dagger

King Tut Dagger: The Rare Chance To Hold The Legend

A chance phone call out of the blue leads to the author's opportunity to see and hold the iconic Warenski King Tut Dagger.
Spyderco Tenacious 2 horizontal

Spyderco Tenacious Review: The Relentless Workingman’s Knife

Built like a top-shelf Spyderco, but at a fraction of the price the Tenacious more than lives up to its name.
DAN-D Model 1 Alpine

Cool Custom: John Dennehy’s Model 1 Alpine

John Dennehy carries on a family tradition with a Model Alpine 1 for Kristi Noem. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and her leadership skills have...
Line of power hammers

D.I.Y. Power Hammer: Do You Really Need One?

I think almost every smith wishes at some point he or she had a power hammer. But does the tool actually make sense for your needs?
A Spyderco Thrower heads targetward.

Throwing Knives: Ready For A Serious Fling?

Ready for a serious fling? We have the throwing knives--some of which are on target--to get you flying right off the bat.

Shop Dump: Tony Cetani Of Hourglass Knives

Tony Cetani has left his mark in the kitchen knife niche grinding it out at Hourglass Knives.
The construction assembly of the Carrigan Knife

Parts Of A Knife: Crash Course In Knife Anatomy 101

Looking to learn the proper names for everything on a knife? We have you covered as we go over the parts of a knife you need to know.

The Best Boning Knives

Editor’s note: The author (Josh Wayner) spent the better part of five years working in a high-end specialty butcher shop in coastal west Michigan....
CRKT Clever Girl Fixed and Stylus

CRKT Clever Girl And Stylus Drop In November

Just in time for Christmas, CRKT adds a pair of sleek and stylish options.
The Dozier Classic Nessmuk features Bob Dozier’s modification of the George W. Sears, aka Nessmuk, skinner

Bob Dozier’s Skinner Review: A Hammering Humpback

Bob Dozier’s skinner in CTS 40CP is the patient. Once in a blue moon I get lucky. This time I get to cut with a...

Knife Handles: Gripping Use Of Natural Materials

These beauties look as good to the eye as they feel in the hand.
Benchmade Bugout Cutting Wood

Benchmade Bugout Review: Getting A Handle On The EDC Icon

Is there a perfect EDC knife? If not, the Benchmade Bugout will do until perfect shows up. When it comes to EDC folders, without a...
The Orochi folding knife by Princeton Wong

M.A.C.K.: What Are Machine Assisted Custom Knives?

Learn what the latest BLADE Show custom knife award is all about
Matt Williams custom brisket knife

Brisket Knife: These Carving Blades Are Bad To The Bone

Prepare massive meat feast with one of these barbecue beasties at hand.

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