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The Best Boning Knives

Editor’s note: The author (Josh Wayner) spent the better part of five years working in a high-end specialty butcher shop in coastal west Michigan....

Flip Out: Four Balisongs To Trick Out Your Collection

Known by many names, the balisong is a flipper's favorite knife. These four new balis are on the cutting edge of the style.

4 Perfect Pocketknives For Women

The best pocketknives for women are knives that are easy to maintain and can be deployed in a flash. These pieces stand out from the pack.

First Look: Benchmade Osborne Mini

The newest edition to Benchmade's Osborne line, the Mini, takes cues from history and even the sea.
Benchmade BK-1 Claymore

First Look: Benchmade BK-1 Claymore

After the massive success of the original Claymore, Benchmade has released the BK-1 Claymore. This knife has a plain edge, is crazy tough, and opens with authority.

5 Best Pocketknife Options For EDC [2022]

The pocketknife is one of the most durable and versatile tools you can have. With so many varieties it can be hard to find the right one. These five are among the best around today.

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