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Canadian Knife Retailer on Import Ban: Who Are We Protecting?

The owner of a knife retail store in Alberta, Canada, says that import restrictions on folding knives hurts not only her business, but also the ability of first responders to do their important work.
Canada bans knives

U.S. Knife Advocacy Group Working to Overturn Canadian Ban on Imported Knives

The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) has been actively working since mid-January with Canadian stakeholders towards a solution to the recent ruling by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT)
canada folding knife border

Knife News Wire 3/2/18 – Canadians Petition Government to Overturn Folding Knife Ban

A petition seeking to overturn Canada's ban on importing folding knives picked up steam with an endorsement from Member of Parliament Matt Jeneroux.
canada knife ban

Knife News Wire 2/27/18 – Canada Knife Ban Impacts First Responders

Canada's ban on folding knives is being felt not only by knife enthusiasts, but by first responders as well.
Canada import rule prohibited knives

Collector Alert: Prices Set to Rise for Folding Knives in Canada

Here's how Canadian knife collectors could take advantage of new imported knife restrictions.
Canada knife law

Knife News Wire 1/17/18 – Knife Industry Reacts to Canada’s New Knife Prohibitions

Knifemakers and knife companies in the U.S. and elsewhere are scrambling to address new rules banning the import of most folding knives into Canada.
Canada bans knives

Knife News Wire 1/16/18: Canada Bans Imports of One-Hand Opening Knives

Don't bring knives that can open with one hand into Canada.

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