Knife News Wire 2/27/18 – Canada Knife Ban Impacts First Responders

Knife News Wire 2/27/18 – Canada Knife Ban Impacts First Responders
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Canadian Ban on Importing Folders Hurts First Responders

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Canada’s ban on the importation of virtually all folding knives isn’t just irritating. It’s hurting small businesses in Canada that specialize in the sales of knives to first responders.

From the Lethbridge Herald in Alberta, Canada:

The owner of a local tactical gear store says her business is being harmed by the Canadian Border Services Agency decision to reclassify some folding knives as prohibited weapons in spite of them being legal to possess in Canada.

“It’s absolutely a misinterpretation of the Criminal Code,” said Sarah Jorgensen, owner of Lethbridge Tactical Supply.

This isn’t, as many knife laws are, being framed as a safety or crime issue. It’s strictly a bureaucratic move, one so ham-handed that it doesn’t exempt first responders. They’re on their last knives.

Jorgensen continues:

“The majority of my customers are first responders,” Jorgensen said. “And now I can’t even sell them knives.”

Here’s the money quote:

She said she has spoken to CBSA [Canada Border Services Agency] agents who claim to carry these knives themselves.

“Now they have to seize the knives that they themselves carry at work,” she said.

In an emergency situation, a knife that can open with one hand can literally mean the difference between life and death. Here are several stories detailing exactly that. First responders, of all people, should have options to make their critical work as effective as possible.

Read the full article here.

Newton “Newt” Martin of Martin Knives Passes Away

Newton “Newt” Martin, one half of the team behind Martin Knives, passed away on Feb. 26, 2018. BLADE‘s source for the news reveals he was, “a hell of a guy and a talented knifemaker.”

In addition to making knives with Ed Martin, Newt produced tutorials about knifemaking. Here’s one of them, where he hosts a shop tour.

BLADE expresses its condolences to the Martin family.

Cold Steel Transitions to CPM-S35VN

In a Facebook post, Cold Steel announced it will transition to using CPM-S35VN steel instead of the CTS®XHP it’s used in the past. Supply issues are apparently the issue.

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