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EDC Fixed Blade Knife profile

Best EDC Fixed Blade Knife: A Cut Above The Rest

Looking for a no-compromise companion? These EDC fixed blade knife options should be at the top of your list.

Greg Wesley’s Informant Review: A Small And Mighty EDC.

The Informant By Greg Wesley Is Another Quality Fixed-Blade EDC. But Just How Good Is This Small Custom Knife?
TILI Ultralight standalone

TILI Ultralight Review: How Good Is This Small Fixed Blade?

The TILI Ultralight by Origin Handcrafted Goods might be a small fixed blade but it packs one heck of a bite.

3 Sporty Kitchen Knives To Use In The Field

Knives are becoming more multidimensional every year. These sporty kitchen knives are ready for the cutting board or the campsite.

First Look: Boker Gnome

The Boker Gnome is a fun little fixed blade that's an excellent neck knife and can serve you well as an EDC.

East Beasts: Four Parangs Built To Last

This quartet of knives, inspired by the parang of the Malay archipelago in Southeast Asia, are tough, rugged fixed blades.

Trench Knife: The WW1 Relic Still Endures

With more than a century of history, the tench knife soldiers on as a historical collectible and a modern outdoor knife.

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