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Gerber Lead

Gerber Knives: The Blades That Made It Legendary

From kitchenware to commando companions, we go over how Gerber Knives became legendary and some of their all-time best offerings.

The Gerber Mark II: A Historic Fighting Knife

The Gerber Mark II is one of the most famous combat knives ever issued to the American military. First introduced in 1966, it still endures today.

First Look: Gerber Savvy

Gerber may be known for some of the most rugged tools out there, but this new series of folders is sleek, sexy, and shines bright.

First Look: Gerber Affinity

Sometimes a simple knife is all you need, and this new folder from Gerber looks sharp and is sharp.
Gerber Fuse

First Look: Gerber Fuse

The newest budget EDC from Gerber Gear is light and flexible. The Fuse would be an excellent knife to handle day-to-day life.
Gerber Dual-Force

First Look: Gerber Dual-Force

Gerber has reinvented the multi-tool with the Dual-Force. Incredibly strong and versatile, the Dual-Force is as rugged as it gets.

8 Affordable, Cool, And Compact Keychain Knives [2022]

Keychain knives provide utility and protection in a compact package. There are many quality keychain knives at affordable prices.

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