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Newton ancient ivory knife.

Ivory Ban Opponents Make Advances

Ivory ban opponents in Massachusetts and New Jersey made advances in the fight to save legal ivory last week in separate committee hearings.
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Brady and ivory.

Help Fight 1 Percenters’ Ban-All-Ivory Law

A ban-all-ivory law targeting all elephant and mammoth, mastodon and other extinct species in Washington state needs your help to defeat it.
Request a comment extension NOW!

Act NOW on Ivory Comment Extension

Act now to request an extension on the comment period for the proposed punitive federal regulations concerning your knives and other items made of ivory.

ALL Ivory Targeted By Proposed Law Change

A federal law change over 13 months in the making basically targets all ivory in the USA, no matter its age or use.
Stop heinous ivory bans!

Ivory Ban Proponents Feel The Heat

Ivory ban proponents are feeling the heat from those who would protect their right to own and sell legal ivory on both the federal and state levels.

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