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The D2 tool steel blade of Bob Dozier’s Bare Bones Buffalo Skinner boasts a deep belly and a high grind designed for optimum cutting performance.

Review: Bare Bones Buffalo Skinner

Bob Dozier's Bare Bones Buffalo Skinner is sharp—and comfy, too!

U.S. Made Military Knives And Makers

American muscle is alive and well and these four U.S.-based companies prove it, making military knives stateside.

Gent’s Knives for 2022

Today’s gent’s knives are what they are instead of what they used to be.  In years past, there was a genre of knife small, fancy...

Modern Tactical Knives

No matter the mission, one of these sharp tactical knives can cut it. Originally conceived for law enforcement and military and rescue personnel, tactical knives...
Four utilitarian factory fixed blades in 1095 carbon steel, from left: Condor Tool & Knife Bush Slicer Sidekick, Becker/KA-BAR BK18 Harpoon, TOPS Knives 3 Pointer and ESEE Knives 4HM.

Best High-Carbon Steel Knife Options

Looking for a tough and ready option for EDC? Here are 4 of the best high-carbon steel knife options out there.
Avid outdoorsman/custom knifemaker Phil Wilson designed the Spyderco Bow River.  The trailing-point blade has a gentle sweeping belly that slices with abandon, along with a mirror-like finish that cleans up quickly and easily. Overall length: 8.1 inches.

Best Hunting Knife: Four Fab Factory Fixed Blades

Here are four of the best hunting knife options, the fixed blade variety, presently rolling off factory lines.

3 Backup Knives That Are Sharp As Ever

Small-to-medium military-style blades that make the perfect backup knives, ready to tackle the toughest duty.

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