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Want to get the most from your BLADE Show experience? Here's how. (Point Seven photo)

Tips To Enhance Your BLADE Show Experience

With folks already arriving at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta for the BLADE Show & Living Ready Expo (www.bladeshow.com), here are some tips...

Video: Salt Bath Heat Treating

This video from the American Bladesmith Society (ABS) explains how to perform salt bath heat treating. It's part of the Phoenix knife project ABS members worked on.

Video: The Kevin Cashen Phoenix Knife

A house fire couldn't stop the Kevin Cashen Phoenix Knife from literally rising out of the ashes and becoming a great American Bladesmith Society piece.

Video: Homemade Hydraulic Press for Knifemaking

In this video from the American Bladesmith Society (ABS), journeyman smith Karl B. Andersen reviews his homemade hydraulic press. Andersen uses the innovative device to make damascus steel for his blades.

Video: How to Select a Milling Vise for Knifemaking

This demonstration on the selection and use of milling vises is by Dale Schafer, Machine/Tool Technology Instructor at the Washburn Institute of Technology. This...

Silver Wire Inlay Techniques by Joe Keeslar, MS

Master Smith Joe Keeslar demonstrates Silver Wire Inlay work techniques including stabing chisel cuts, wire forming, wood selection, and wire cutting.

Tools for Silver Wire Inlay by Joe Keeslar, Master Smith

Master Smith Joe Keeslar describes the tools needed for Silver Wire Inlay work on knife handles and sheaths.