10 Things You’ll Need at the 2016 BLADE Show

10 Things You’ll Need at the 2016 BLADE Show
Here's how to reserve your hotel room for the world's biggest knife show: the 2014 BLADE Show.
Join the thousands who will descend on the BLADE Show this weekend. (PointSeven photo)
Thousands of knife enthusiasts will visit the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta June 3-5 for the 2016 BLADE Show. (PointSeven image)

The 2016 BLADE Show will be here before you know it. Here are the 10 things you’ll need.

#1 – Tickets

If you don’t have yours already, getting your tickets ahead of time has never been easier. Just click here to handle everything online. You can also purchase tickets at the event, but taking care of this beforehand can only make your experience smoother.

#2 – A Place to Stay

If you’re already in the Atlanta area, you probably don’t need to worry about a place to stay. For everyone else, finding a hotel for a popular event can be challenging. Fortunately, BLADE made the hotel hunt easier by providing this interface to help you book.

chris reeve inkosi blade show
Have you heard about the exclusive Chris Reeve Knives Inoksi? To celebrate the 2016 BLADE Show, 25 special edition Inkosi knives were made. Each comes numbered and with the BLADE Show logo on the handle. Click the knife to see specs and learn how to get yours. They’re going fast!

#3 – A Plan

The BLADE Show grows year after year, which means there’s a lot to pack into your visit. While some attendees head to whatever catches their eyes, other knife enthusiasts map out a plan. This exhibitor list will help make those decisions easier.

In addition to the show floor, there are several events to plan for, too. Click here to view the schedule.

#4 – An Open Mind

Anyone playing the knife game long enough develops a comfort zone. It could be collecting knives from only a handful of companies or makers, or turning the nose up to a particular sort of steel. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like, but what if you’re missing out?

With so many knifemakers and knife companies coming in from across the country and the planet, the BLADE Show isn’t the place to limit yourself. The entire world of knives is together in one spot. Try something new.

If you need help breaking out your rut, attend a Blade University class, hosted in conjunction with the BLADE Show. These classes are prime opportunities to learn something new.

#5 – A Good Pair of Walking Shoes

You’ll be on your feet all day. Comfortable shoes make a big difference.

#6 – A Keen Sense of Knife Show Etiquette

Exhibitors at the BLADE Show are happy to talk with you about their knives, but there are some unspoken rules to keep in mind.

Fortunately, BLADE‘s Steve Shackleford put together this guide to knife show etiquette to help you understand the nuances of when to touch an exhibitor’s knives, why it’s a good idea to swallow before you lean down to check out a knife, how to start a conversation and more.

#7 – A Way to Ship Knives Home

Unless you’re a local, chances are you’re flying in to attend the BLADE Show. This presents a problem when it comes time to get your knives home. Do you trust your new (and expensive) knives to remain safe in your checked luggage?

A better bet is to ship your knives using a carrier. There is a UPS store in the Waverly Hotel, which is attached to the Cobb Galleria (the site of the BLADE Show). There are other choices in the area, too.

#8 – A Way to Carry Around Knives and Other Materials

This 18-pocket roll from BLADE offers a convenient yet secure way to store your knives.

In the first few hours of the show, carrying around your purchases isn’t that big of a deal. But as time goes on, even the small items feel much larger. Add in a few knife books from BLADE‘s booth by the main entrance, and things get heavy in a hurry.

A sturdy backpack, briefcase or other bag is a good idea. Knife rolls are essential, too, and ShopBlade.com has a terrific deal on a sleek, 18-pocket model.

#9 – Warm Weather Clothing

The BLADE Show takes place in June in Atlanta, so you already know the weather will be warm. Because of the attendance records broken year after year, the show floor demands you not underestimate the necessity of comfortable, warm weather clothes. Time to break out those jorts.

#10 – A Good Attitude

The BLADE Show offers the rare chance to meet the entire gamut of knife enthusiasm. While that does equal opportunity for those buying and selling knives, it can also mean stress.

Don’t lose sight of why you’re at the show in the first place. You love knives as much as the other attendees. A little bit of pressure is OK, but don’t rain on anyone else’s great day. The better your attitude going into the show, the more you’ll get out of it.

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