Tomahawk history

A Quick History of the Tomahawk in the United States

Here's how the tomahawk cemented itself into the military history of the United States.
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Knives 101: How To Hone A Knife

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Tips for making knives

Knifemaking 101: How to Make Mokume

Mokume (or mokume-gane) is made by layering different metals into a stack and then forging the stack into a billet. It's similar to damascus.
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10 Knives For The Field And Beyond

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550 Paracord Knife

The Pros and Cons of Paracord-Wrapped Knife Handles

Paracord-handled knives come with a lot of pros and cons, but they are undoubtedly more than a trend. Here's a closer look at 550 paracord-wrapped knives.