BLADE Show, Day 1: The World’s Greatest Knife Show

Knives, knives, more knives, knives, knives, this knife, that knife, other knives, knives and more knives. It’s BLADE Show time!

If the first day of BLADE Show 2017 could be summed up in one word, it’d be “the line.” That’s actually two words, but it’s fitting for the enormous early turnout of knife enthusiasts waiting for the doors to open. Never before has the line gone literally out the door, and into the parking lot, and probably crossed a few state lines.

Make no mistake, folks. The world of knives is alive and well, and beating expectations on every front. The official tallies will be made later, but this must’ve been a record. A first for a Friday!

Here’s what the show floor looked like moments after the doors opened:

In fact, it was a show full of firsts. How could it not be with the length of those lines? There’s bound to be a few newbies in there.


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BLADE Show first-timer Erin Healy, BLADE‘s new managing editor, cut her teeth with a cool Kit Carson sword find. Did you know Kit Carson made swords? Well, now you do.

The learning didn’t stop there. BLADE University opened up a whole new world of knifemaking to attendees with not one, not two, but three classes on knife grinding. Instructors also zeroed in on how to select blade steel, making knives from simple tools, selecting an edge style and more.

How to grind knives for knifemaking
Tom Krein dishes the dirt on knife grinding secrets. He conducted three well-attended sessions.

The Knife of the Year entrants went on display outside of the main show floor this year, as they did for the past few. This not only made it easier to check out these incredible knives, it put some of the best knives in the world front and center for first-time show goers. They’re the first knives they see when they arrive. What could be better?

Best custom knives
Glenn Klecker puts the finishing touch on his display with a pencil eraser before submitting to the Knife of the Year Awards. Knifemakers want their works to look their best, and it shows at every booth and table at BLADE Show.

A second day of all of that and then some, that’s what. Tomorrow will be full of more knife events, and the Knife of the Year Awards will be announced. Online ticket registration is closed, but you can still find BLADE Show information at

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