AKTI Partners with Mule Deer Foundation

Being sure that future generations have the ability to own and carry the knife of their choice is at the core of the American Knife & Tool Institute’s mission and efforts to influence and change knife laws.  But without instilling an appreciation for man’s oldest tool in younger people, it won’t matter how effective the organization is at eliminating restrictive knife laws.

To Share the Knife Heritage with more youth, AKTI and the Mule Deer Foundation have partnered. The AKTI will be distributing thousands of its revised youth safety pamphlets through the M.U.L.E.Y. Events to mentors, parents and youth. This is an exciting opportunity to reach a lot of young people about knife safety, use, and importance in their dailiy lives.

AKTI continues behind the scenes in New York State and several other states to lay the groundwork for successful changes to knife laws in the next legislative sessions. The chance to own a Buck 119 and support AKTI’s Legislative Fund ends today August 31st at 11:59 pm. Full details about this first AKTI online auction, the knife and photos are available at AKTI Monthly Auction. <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=pev5ilcab&amp;et=1107392177275&amp;s=1968&amp;e=001wqsrVn6J0OeIHiM8SuOjuz-69eRjq7fB0n5WgK8a2mCao9Wv3GjXwIM0o2QYO7ZDk_xL6Dx1FaLg0rsQpT_YA6bIbSuE0rXGc07reeDkRdwCXznUefvKug==>

Thanks to Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) for the September AKTI online auction knife – a CRKT Onion Skinner LTD.  The 3-1/2″ blade is premium Bohler K110 stainless at 58-60 Rc., with a high hollow grind, a fine satin finish and a 3/4 tang.  Details and photo will be on the website <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=pev5ilcab&amp;et=1107392177275&amp;s=1968&amp;e=001wqsrVn6J0OeIHiM8SuOjuz-69eRjq7fB0n5WgK8a2mCao9Wv3GjXwIM0o2QYO7ZDk_xL6Dx1FaLg0rsQpT_YA6bIbSuE0rXGc07reeDkRdwCXznUefvKug==>  September 1st. Remember, your successful bid makes a contribution to the costs involved in working with lobbyists, legislators and law enforcement.

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