BLADE Issue Devoted Entirely To The Military


The December 2010 issue of BLADE Magazine is devoted entirely, from front to back, to our fighting men and women serving in the military. Find out what knives they’re using, how, where and why, learn about standard-issue military pieces, what makers are fashioning war knives for whom, which manufacturers specialize in the genre, and read real-life stories about our soldiers, interviews with our soldiers and stories written for our soldiers. They all like to tell about their favorite carry knives, and the photos of them on location “somewhere in Iraq, Afghanistan or …. ” are fascinating.

It’s the only knife magazine ever printed that is entirely devoted to the military.

It’s the best tribute BLADE could pay to our men and women in uniform, and the staff of BLADE Magazine was humbled to be able to do so. Here’s to our fighting men and women. See the December 2010 issue, on newsstands and hitting subscribers’ doorsteps on September 14th.

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